It's never too late to earn your high school diploma or GED

3 months ago

Which should I go for?  Diploma or GED?

You don't have to decide right now.   

Let our amazing counselors help guide you.  

The first step is to register.  Once you've completed your registration, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to take an assessment and meet with a counselor.  


Cost: FREE (Independent Study refundable book deposit fee may apply.)  

We understand that life gets busy!  Which is why we offer daytime and evening classes, Independent Study and online courses.  To earn a high school diploma from YAS, you must successfully complete a total of 185 credits in various subjects.  You may even be eligible to earn credits for work experience.  Our counselor will go over the requirements with you.  Please bring a copy of your high school transcript if you have one.  If not, we will request a copy after you’ve filled out a Request Authorization Form.  Note: the High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) is NO LONGER a requirement. 

(Students must be 18 years or older and may register throughout the school year.) 

Steps for Registration:

1.    Complete a registration form.

2.    Take our assessment test (please allow up to 2 ½ hours, children not allowed).

3.    Meet with counselor to review transcripts and make a plan.

4.    Enroll in classes.

Once you have completed the Yucaipa Adult School Graduation Requirements, you will receive a High School Diploma in a formal graduation ceremony.  This is a significant milestone in your life; you deserve to celebrate it with family and friends.