2019 - 2020 Citizenship Class

2 years ago

6 week session: August 12- September 18 
Symbols: US Flag
History: 13 Original Colonies; Native Americans 
Events: American Revolution (Revolutionary War), Constitutional Convention
Documents: Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, US Constitution
People: Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, John Hancock; "Founding Fathers"

6 week session: September 23-October 30
Symbols: Stamps, Bills, Coins
History: Westward Expansion, Land Purchase: Louisiana Purchase, Northwest Territories, Expansion of Borders, Women's Rights, Civil Rights
Events: War of 1812, Mexican-American War, The Civil War, the Spanish American War
Documents: Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment, 19th Amendment
Speeches: Gettysburg Address
People: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony

Break: November 4-November 29 (Thanksgiving Break: November 25-29)
During this Break, Ms. Kelsey will still be available to meet with students on an individual basis. Ms. Kelsey will also be monitoring the computer lab on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm. Students are encouraged to work in the computer lab on USA Learns or the Project Based Assignment from Ms. Kelsey
Project Based Assignment: Choose a topic that we have studied during the first 12 weeks of class and write a 1 page summary about what you have learned. Generate a list of 3 questions that you have about the topic to discuss with Ms. Kelsey and the rest of the class. Create a bookmark based on the events and people associated with that topic. Images for the bookmark can be printed computer images. Bookmarks will be exchanged with other students, after they are shared.

3 week session: December 2-18 (Computer based-Independent Study- USA Learns)

During this 3 week session, Ms. Kelsey will conducting practice interviews as part of a CIT training that she is completing, assisting with paperwork, and providing learning lab time in the computer lab on Mondays and Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm. Students will have access to textbooks and will be assigned readings and independent activities to reinforce what was covered during the first 12 weeks of class. Students will also have access to practice tests and articles related to US citizenship and the US Citizenship process.

Winter Break: Dec 20-Jan 3